Why Pike Place Market is Just Another Overrated Tourist Trap?

Pike Place Market is overrated. Find better places to visit in Seattle for a real experience.

The crowds packing Pike Place Market on a Saturday afternoon made it clear – this so-called “farmers market” had completely converted to a tourist trap. Rows of stalls stuffed with cheap tchotchkes and garbage street food dominated what little space remained for actual farmers to sell produce. The hordes of out-of-towners barely glanced at wilting … Read more

The 10 Best Restaurants in Downtown Spokane: A Culinary Journey

Downtown Spokane food

Spokane’s downtown area makes for a great exploration of local cuisine. Nestled in eastern Washington, the city has a long history and a vibrant food culture scene downtown. Visitors and residents alike will find diverse dining options catering to all tastes. From casual to upscale, Spokane restaurants offer tasty discoveries around every corner. Take a … Read more

Does it Always Rain in Seattle? – Singing in the Drizzle

Seattle Rainy Day Walk in Downtown

Seattle is commonly referred to as the “Rainy City” due to its reputation for precipitation. However, some question if this moniker accurately represents typical weather patterns in the area. This analysis seeks to assess Seattle’s rainfall levels objectively by examining long-term meteorological data. The Myth vs. Reality of Rainfall While films and TV shows love … Read more