10 Best Michelin Star Restaurants in Seattle in 2024

Seattle, the Emerald City, is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene, which is a blend of traditional Pacific Northwest flavors and innovative gastronomic techniques. While the Michelin Guide has not officially rated restaurants in Seattle, several establishments in the city are often compared to Michelin-starred venues in terms of quality, service, and overall dining experience.

Here’s a list of 10 such restaurants in Seattle that could very well earn a Michelin star if the guide were to expand its reviews to the city:

10. Le Coin

Le Coin

  • Average Price: $$$
  • Specialty Dishes: While specific dishes aren’t mentioned, Le Coin offers a delightful mix of Seafood, French, and American (New) cuisines. Expect elegant flavors that could be Michelin-worthy.

Located in Fremont, Le Coin offers a delightful mix of Seafood, French, and American (New) cuisines. Patrons have often expressed their hopes for the restaurant to achieve Michelin-worthy recognition, praising its elegant flavors and ambiance.

9. Kedai Makan

  • Average Price: $$
  • Specialty Dishes: As a haven for Malaysian cuisine, anticipate dishes rich in Southeast Asian flavors and spices.

Situated in Capitol Hill, Kedai Makan is a haven for lovers of Malaysian cuisine. With its unique dishes and flavors, it’s no wonder that it’s considered one of the best in Seattle.

8. Shaker + Spear

Shaker + Spear

  • Average Price: $$
  • Specialty Dishes: Specializing in Seafood and American (New) cuisines, you might find dishes ranging from fresh oysters to gourmet burgers.

Nestled in Belltown, Shaker + Spear is a seafood lover’s paradise. Their American (New) and Breakfast & Brunch offerings have also garnered significant attention.

7. Art of The Table

  • Average Price: $$$$
  • Specialty Dishes: This American (New) cuisine restaurant might offer dishes that showcase the best of local produce and meats

Located in Fremont, Art of The Table serves American (New) cuisine. It’s worth noting that while Seattle doesn’t have official Michelin ratings, many believe that establishments like Art of The Table would be strong contenders.

6. Copine


  • Average Price: $$$$
  • Specialty Dishes: With a blend of American (New) and French cuisines, expect dishes like duck confit or coq au vin.

Offering a blend of American (New) and French cuisines, Copine in Ballard has received international acclaim. Diners often compare their experiences here to those at Michelin-starred restaurants abroad.

5. Cascina Spinasse

  • Average Price: $$$
  • Specialty Dishes: As an Italian restaurant, you might find dishes like handmade pasta, osso buco, and tiramisu.

Situated in Capitol Hill, Cascina Spinasse is an Italian restaurant that has been described as having Michelin-star ambitions. Their dishes are a testament to their commitment to quality and flavor.

4. 2120


  • Average Price: $$$
  • Specialty Dishes: Their American (New) cuisine might feature dishes like steak tartare, truffle fries, and innovative cocktails.

Located in Denny Triangle, 2120 offers American (New) cuisine with a twist. Their cocktail bar is also a hit among patrons. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence has led many to believe that they are in contention for a Michelin Star.

3. Canlis

  • Average Price: $$$$
  • Specialty Dishes: Known for its American (New) and Seafood dishes, anticipate gourmet dishes like lobster thermidor or wagyu steak.

A staple in Seattle’s dining scene, Canlis, located in Westlake, offers American (New) and Seafood dishes. While some believe it deserves a Michelin star, others appreciate it for its longstanding tradition of fine dining.

2. The Pink Door

The Pink Door

  • Average Price: $$
  • Specialty Dishes: As an Italian restaurant, expect classics like spaghetti carbonara, osso buco, and panna cotta.

Located Downtown, The Pink Door serves Italian, Seafood, and Wine Bar offerings. With thousands of positive reviews, it’s clear that The Pink Door has made a significant mark on Seattle’s culinary landscape.

1. Altura

  • Average Price: $175 per person for their tasting menu.
  • Specialty Dishes: Altura offers a tasting menu inspired by seasonal ingredients. Your meal begins with a series of small bites, known in Italy as stuzzichini, and then transitions into a series of plated dishes. Specific dishes are described when served, and a menu is provided at the end of the meal.

Topping our list is Altura, an Italian restaurant in Capitol Hill. Many consider Altura to be the best restaurant in Seattle. Patrons have often compared their experiences here to dining in Michelin-starred restaurants across the US, Europe, and Asia. Chef Lockwood’s genius and the staff’s impeccable service make Altura a must-visit.

10 Tips for the Best Culinary Adventure

Dining out isn’t just about the food; it’s an entire experience. From the ambiance of the restaurant to the company you’re with, every element plays a part in making your meal memorable. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your dining experience in Seattle or anywhere else:

  • Research Ahead: Before heading out, do a little research. Look up reviews, check out the menu, and see if you need a reservation. This ensures you know what to expect and can avoid potential wait times.
  • Dress the Part: While many restaurants in Seattle have a laid-back vibe, it’s always a good idea to check the dress code. Dressing appropriately not only enhances your experience but also shows respect to the establishment.
  • Engage with the Staff: Your servers and hosts are your guides for the evening. Don’t hesitate to ask them for recommendations or insights about the menu. Their insider knowledge can often lead you to discover hidden gems on the menu.
  • Savor Every Bite: In the age of social media, it’s tempting to snap photos of every dish. While that’s okay, remember to take the time to truly savor each bite. Appreciate the flavors, textures, and the artistry that goes into each dish.
  • Pair with Drinks: Ask about drink pairings, whether it’s wine, beer, or a cocktail. The right drink can elevate your meal, enhancing flavors and making your dining experience even more memorable.
  • Embrace the Local Scene: Seattle boasts a rich array of local ingredients, from fresh seafood to organic produce. Opt for dishes that highlight these local specialties to get a true taste of the Pacific Northwest.
  • Enjoy the Ambiance: Take a moment to soak in the ambiance. Whether it’s a cozy, candle-lit corner or a vibrant, bustling setting with live music, the ambiance plays a crucial role in your dining experience.
  • Limit Phone Usage: While it’s tempting to stay connected, try to limit phone usage at the table. Engage in conversations, enjoy the ambiance, and make the most of the present moment.
  • End on a Sweet Note: Even if you’re full, consider sharing a dessert. It’s the perfect way to end your meal and often gives you a taste of the chef’s creativity.
  • Express Gratitude: Always remember to thank the staff for their service. A little appreciation goes a long way and makes the experience pleasant for everyone involved.




Why Doesn’t Seattle Have Official Michelin-Rated Restaurants?

The Michelin Guide, which awards Michelin stars, has not yet expanded its reviews to cover Seattle. The guide currently reviews restaurants in select cities worldwide, and while Seattle is recognized for its culinary excellence, it hasn’t been officially reviewed by Michelin inspectors.

How Does the Michelin Guide Determine Which Cities to Review?

The Michelin Guide selects cities based on various factors, including the city’s culinary reputation, the number of high-quality restaurants, culinary trends, and the potential interest of its readers. The decision to expand to new cities is made by Michelin’s editorial team.

Are There Other Reputable Restaurant Rating Systems in Seattle?

Yes, apart from the Michelin Guide, there are other reputable restaurant rating systems such as the James Beard Awards, Zagat, and local food critics’ reviews. Many Seattle restaurants have received accolades from these and other platforms.

What Is the Significance of A Restaurant Receiving a Michelin Star?

Earning a Michelin star is a prestigious accolade in the culinary world. It signifies exceptional quality, consistency, and mastery in the art of cooking. Restaurants can receive one to three stars, with three stars indicating a restaurant offering an exceptional dining experience worth a special journey.

How Often Does the Michelin Guide Update Its Ratings?

The Michelin Guide typically releases new editions annually for each region or city it covers. During this time, restaurants can gain, lose, or retain their stars based on the evaluations of Michelin inspectors.

Can a Restaurant Request to Be Reviewed by The Michelin Guide?

No, restaurants cannot request a review from the Michelin Guide. Michelin inspectors visit establishments anonymously, and their evaluations are based on a standardized process to ensure objectivity and consistency.

Final Words

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle’s culinary scene stands as a testament to innovation, tradition, and unyielding passion. While we await the day the Michelin inspectors grace these establishments with their esteemed presence, we can savor the flavors, aromas, and experiences these top restaurants offer. After all, in the Emerald City, every meal is a journey worth remembering.

In conclusion, while Seattle may not officially have Michelin-rated restaurants, the city’s culinary offerings are second to none. These ten establishments, with their commitment to quality, innovation, and service, stand as a testament to Seattle’s vibrant and evolving food scene.