The 10 Best Restaurants in Downtown Spokane: A Culinary Journey

Spokane’s downtown area makes for a great exploration of local cuisine. Nestled in eastern Washington, the city has a long history and a vibrant food culture scene downtown. Visitors and residents alike will find diverse dining options catering to all tastes. From casual to upscale, Spokane restaurants offer tasty discoveries around every corner. Take a self-guided tour of the top-rated spots for an enjoyable experience of the best the city has to offer.

Fun fact: Spokane is known for its beautiful lilac blossoms each spring. It’s also the birthplace of Father’s Day and home to Hoopfest, one of the world’s largest 3-on-3 basketball tournaments. The area’s past and present come together through shared community traditions like food, family and friendly competition.

1. Wooden City

Wooden City

You’re in for a treat at Wooden City! This cozy spot in downtown Spokane is the place to be for delicious American eats and tasty drinks. They take pride in using fresh, local ingredients to whip up mouthwatering dishes that’ll have you coming back for more.

But it’s not just the food that makes Wooden City special. The warm, friendly vibe makes you feel right at home from the moment you walk in. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure every guest has an AWESOME dining experience.

Here’s the inside scoop: the menu is packed with comforting classics and innovative twists that are sure to satisfy any craving. And the drinks? They’ve got a stellar selection of refreshing cocktails, craft beers, and wines to complement your meal perfectly.

One thing’s for sure – this place is a total hotspot.

2. Wild Sage American Bistro

Best Spokane restaurants

Wild Sage is like your little neighborhood oasis right in the heart of downtown. As soon as you walk in, you feel instantly transported away from the bustle of the city outside. The warm wood decor and the lively chatter of patrons make it feel like you’re catching up with old friends over a home-cooked meal.

And the food – it’s absolutely delicious. From fresh salmon straight from the Puget Sound to vegetables plucked that very morning from local farms, you can really taste all the love and care that goes into every dish. No wonder people keep raving about this place! It’s the kind of experience I’ll be dreaming about until my next visit.

3. Mizuna

It’s one of the real treasures residing in downtown Spokane, and it’s been offering innovative Northwest cuisine since 1996. The menu, built around seasonal, honest, and clean dishes, makes Mizuna a favorite among regional patrons and visitors.

With a vegetarian menu, every guest finds something to love. Inside or on their seasonal, tucked-away patio, every meal at Mizuna is perfectly accompanied. Ideal for any special event is Roux, a private dining space within the restaurant.

4. Italia Trattoria


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Head to Italia Trattoria in S Cannon Street for perhaps the best range of Italian flavors. They use fresh ingredients and naturally derived recipes to get you feeling like you are having dinner straight from Italy.

The ambiance is equally serenely set, whether indoor or al fresco. If you fancy a cocktail, their Red Margarita is a must!

5. Gander & Ryegrass

Gander & Ryegrass

Diners coming to Gander & Ryegrass can expect the summation of innovation and quality in contemporary fine Italian cuisine with a touch of tradition. On W Main Avenue, this is the restaurant that boasts innovation, quality, and a touch of tradition.

The menu at lunch, brunch, and dinner actually offers a real reflection of the versatility and richness of contemporary Italian cuisine. And, of course, a perfect ambiance decorated with modern aesthetics sets the perfect setup for a memorable meal. Sitting perfectly on their new, covered, enclosed, and heated patio, get the chance to enjoy a meal with a view in case you like the outdoors.

6. The Barrel Steak & Seafood House

Downtown Spokane dining

Everybody in the local and visiting community knows that it cannot be surpassed for steak and seafood. Actually, the name gives it away.

Think about it: luscious, multi-layered steaks grilled to perfection, together with the freshest of picks from the sea. The Barrel promises an experience that’s refined yet hearty—not a meal, but rather an adventure in taste.

7. Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen

Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen

The name Vieux Carre NOLA Kitchen speaks for itself. Known for gracious hospitality and Creole influences, Vieux Carre sends you on a sensory trip deep into Louisiana. Set within an energetic setting that focuses on the true taste of New Orleans, this will be the hotspot for anyone who’s hankering for a little bit of the Big Easy right here in Spokane.

8. Ruins

Ruins: a name that incites curiosity. Although we didn’t get very deep into what they have to offer, word around town is that Ruins is where culinary experimentation meets classic flavors.

Its ever-changing menu, along with an intimate and eclectic setting juxtaposed to the Spokane dining landscape, has created something extraordinarily special. It doesn’t only show appreciation for food but also gives an offering of an experience that sticks with you well after you have left.

9. Churchill’s Steakhouse

Churchill’s Steakhouse

Elegance, refinement, and culinary artistry unmatched describe Churchill’s Steakhouse. Located on South Post Street, yes, this steakhouse is all about aged USDA Prime beef. But it’s not just about the steaks, it’s the awarded wine list that takes every dining experience just a couple of notches higher.

Whatever the special occasion or reason to enjoy the finer things in life, Churchill’s Steakhouse has an experience that is as timeless as it is memorable. And, when you give the gift of much more than words alone, its Prime Steak Gift Boxes are a standard in quality.

10. Anthony’s at Spokane Falls

Top Spokane dinner places

Perched above the spectacular Spokane River and High Falls, Anthony’s at Spokane Falls is definitely the culinary destination downtown standing. The restaurant serves only the freshest seafood and produce in the Northwest, so diners can expect to find an experience in dining here that is visually and palate-pleasing.

Pair that with cascading falls in the river view, and it makes for a day that is perfect for an appetizing meal. Beyond its food, it reflects Spokane’s distinguishing personality in its atmosphere, making every visit an event all by itself. And if you want to take full advantage of a mid-day treat, then happy hour is from 3 pm to 6:30 pm.


Downtown Spokane is not just a city center; it is a culinary anamorphosis of history, innovation, and passion. Each restaurant, café, or eatery is a different thread, making a city that is home to all the colors, diversities, and flavors of life. A city that invites you from the best scenic falls of Spokane to the streets full of eateries, of which you can’t get enough, to taste, experience, and embrace the culinary beauty that it entails.