In honor of its 11th year, North City Jazz Walk has added an 11th venue for the event on Aug. 15. The Jazz Walk, which in past years featured 10 venues for jazz musicians from throughout the Seattle area, added another venue for a group of young musicians at the suggestion of returning Jazz Walk performer Greta Matassa.

Matassa, a jazz vocalist who also teaches private lessons, recommended several of her students for the new venue — among them was 14-year-old jazz vocalist and flutist Brooke Lambert.

“It was obvious to me at that early age that she [Lambert] was a very talented and very serious young lady,” Matassa said. “The future of this music depends on young people like Brooke. I am honored to share an event with her.”

Matassa first started performing when she was Lambert’s age, and was 16 when she became a professional singer. She has spent the last 25 years focusing on jazz, and began teaching 20 years ago. Though she has performed in and out of the U.S., Seattle has remained her center stage throughout her career.

“Seattle has a very vibrant and healthy jazz scene compared to many other cities I have performed in. It also has a very sharing and giving attitude among musicians. This kind of generous spirit is what I try to encourage in young people to continue to have this healthy environment,” Matassa said. “Talent is not all that is required to become a good jazz singer. Hard work and dedication, lots of practice, and focus are essential. I believe Brooke’s ability is a reflection of a combination of natural talent and hard work.”

A Seattle native, Lambert grew up hearing music drifting in through her window from next door. Her neighbor is a flute instructor, and when her brother first started taking lessons she decided that she, too, wanted to learn. She began taking lessons in the third grade and in middle school discovered her love for jazz and played the flute in the jazz band.

“To me there’s nothing more exhilarating than sitting in the middle of a big band, playing this like swinging music and there’s so much sound around you and you can feel the buzz of everyone else’s energy, and that’s just so great, you don’t get that when you’re sitting in the audience listening to it,” she said.

Lambert’s jazz instructor later encouraged her to give singing a try, and now, between singing, playing the flute and taking dance lessons, Lambert has more music in her life than she does school — or anything else.

When she’s not in lessons or practicing, she keeps busy as a member of Debut, a Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestra group, and frequently performs in musicals at her school. She is also studying dance at All That Dance, and will be performing with the studio’s “Company” in 2018.

Lambert’s dedication to her music has already started to pay off. She has already been recognized in several festivals and student-centered competitions, but most notably took first place in the Vocal Jazz Soloist category in the junior high school division of the DownBeat Magazine Student Music Award this last June.

Performing has also helped her in school, she said, adding that she now has the stage confidence needed for the impromptu oral presentations that her history teacher assigns.

Though she won’t be starting high school until September, Lambert is already looking at colleges. She has her sights set on Carnegie Mellon, the University of Michigan or the University of Southern California.

“What I see in my future is going to college for musical theater or jazz or flute and just taking any scholarship that I can get to get into those nice schools and then doing what I love in any way I can,” Lambert said. “If I could have my dream, I would be on Broadway and I would be in movies.”

Meanwhile, throughout the summer Lambert is studying in a musical theater-intensive course at Cornish College of the Arts in addition to her regular music lessons.

Lambert has performed in several festivals with her school and at Tula’s Jazz Club in Seattle during some of Matassa’s workshops, but the North City Jazz Walk will be the first time she has performed in a jazz festival alongside headliner Eugenie Jones and Seattle favorites such as Hopscotch and Sundae & Mr. Goessl.

Lambert says her taste in music is very eclectic, ranging from jazz and classical music to classic rock and modern bands such as Imagine Dragons, though her inspiration stems from the “greats” like Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and her personal idol — Ella Fitzgerald, whom she admires for her scatting and musical improv.

“As far as my own personal style goes, especially with improvisation in jazz, I find myself delving into lyrical phrases mixed with rhythmic patterns because I think I can credit that to all of the repertoire that I learned for flute. It’s just put all these ideas in my head,” Lambert said.

“One of my favorite things to do, which fuels my style, is getting in front of a crowd and just singing for them because I get so much energy off the people I’m performing for and the audience and it’s just such an amazing experience to know all those people are listening to me and hopefully enjoying my singing and it’s so great to have that.”

Lambert is looking forward to performing at the Jazz Walk alongside her friends — Tessa Korver (vocals), George Fulton (saxophone) and Aaron Korver (piano) — and to be in an event with her vocal instructor Greta Matassa.

“I’ve been working with her [Matassa] now for two years and she’s amazing,” Lambert said. “It’s such a blessing to be working with such a talented musician, she’s really one of my biggest mentors and I owe all my opportunities to her.”

To find out more about Brooke Lambert go to or check out her music in person at the North City Jazz Walk on Tuesday, Aug. 15, from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Lambert will be performing at Bethel Lutheran Church and her instructor Greta Matassa will be performing at the Industrial Air stage.

Five blocks of 15th Avenue Northeast will be closed off for the event and tickets are $15 in advance or $20 the day of. Jazz-themed food and beverages will also be served. For more information on the event and to check out other performing artists go to .