For Seattle-area author Andrea Dunlop, fitting in with New York’s high society was never her strong suit.

Working in publishing in the Big Apple gave her plenty of ideas for her sophomore novel, ‘She Regrets Nothing,” about a young literary agent, Laila Lawrence, who discovers she is related to an upper crust New York family.

Upon traveling to the city, Laila finds out she has unearthed a major family scandal by dint of her existence.

Dunlop said the novel showcases her growth from her debut, a coming-of-age novel about two friends who travel to France, find trouble, romance, and ultimately split up.

“This one is a little bit older,” she said. “It takes on some bigger and heavier issues and it just so happened to coincide with the #MeToo movement. That’s something I never thought I would see in my life, and it’s reflected in the book.”

Dunlop grew up in Woodinville and now lives in Edmonds, but penned the novel while in Greenlake.

“I’m super happy to be living the dream and writing,” she said.

Dunlop is a member of Seattle7Writers, a nonprofit author group who support community literacy.

“She Regrets Nothing” will be available in bookstores nationwide.