By the time you read this, City Living Seattle will have had a new editor for two weeks.

That’s me. Hi. 

It’s hard for me to overstate how excited I am to help guide this paper going forward and what a great job my friend and colleague Daniel Nash did at the helm. 

I wish him the best of luck at his new career in Tacoma, and promise to you, the readers, I will maintain the tradition of  quality journalism you have come to expect from our group of community papers at Pacific Publishing established years before I even moved to Washington.

Yes, I know, another transplant. I moved to Shoreline two years ago after cutting my teeth in the Montana journalism scene. I went to college at a small school in California and before that grew up in the greater Portland, Oregon area.

So I guess we’ll always have a disagreement regarding the kings of Cascadia (RCTID).

Despite my questionable fandom of various  teams from that state to the south, I am a diehard Seahawks fan and remain #TrueToTheBlue with my beloved Mariners. 

I’m a new father, a dog lover and a total beer nerd. 

Is there anywhere better in the world to be those three things while working in North Seattle? I’d be hard-pressed to think of somewhere that can match it.

With a thriving food, drink and cultural scene, the wide swath of Seattle north of the Lake Washington Ship Canal is an exciting place I’m prepared to know more about on an intimate level as a community editor.

With the history and nightlife of Ballard, the quirks and fun of Fremont, the enticing restaurants of Wallingford, the placid waters and family-friendly vibe of Green Lake, the bustle of Lake City, the gorgeous, leafy streets of Ravenna, the frenetic motion of the University District and the others in the seemingly never-ending list of neighborhoods like Tangletown, Wedgwood, Bitter Lake and Northgate all add up to a dynamic and ever-changing area of coverage.

But enough sucking up to you.

As the new editor of this publication, I need your help. I need readers to send in news tips, suggestions, even criticism. I need to be kept to the same level of accountability as you would expect me to hold public officials to. 

Some of you might be firing up your roasts now, and that’s ok. Allowing free speech and having a thick skin are two things every editor needs to have.

I’ve been in journalism for a decade and have worked for daily papers, weeklies, monthlies, magazines and even a brief stint in radio. I’ve had extremely conservative editors and have worked with those who identify as leftists. 

It’s been a journey. One I’m ready to continue at City Living Seattle.

So thank you for reading, thank you for sending news tips, and thank you for your comments and critiques.