Three elderly north Seattle brothers have been arrested and are under investigation for a litany of child sex crimes after a relative found disturbing materials in their home.

The three brothers – Charles Emery, 82; Thomas Emery, 80; and Edwin Emery, 78 – have lived in a small yellow house in the Meridian neighborhood of Seattle since 1962.

When a female relative came to clean the brothers’ house in early August, what she found shocked her.

Charles Emery allegedly “maintained an extensive “collection” of materials related to the sexual assault and murder of female children” according to court documents.

None of the brothers have biological children of their own, nor did any children reside in the house which was “littered from floor to ceiling with child exploitation images, children’s clothing articles, toys and movies.”

King County prosecutors charged each of the three Emery brothers with two counts of second-degree possession of depictions of minors engaged in sexual conduct. All three are in jail with bail set at $500,000.

Seattle Police found decades worth of images and are “charged with collecting images depicting the misery of sexually abused children to satiate their deeply rooted deviant interests.”

The home, located at 141 NE 59th Street, is just blocks away from Green Lake Park and Woodland Park and is in a neighborhood prosecutors describe as “riddled” with children.

Charles Emery, the brother accused of creating manifestos regarding the abuse, rape and murder of pre-pubescent girls (referred to by Thomas and Edwin Emery as “Charles’ hobby”), worked as a janitor at Seattle Children’s Hospital from the 1970s to the 1990s.

The hospital addressed the issues in a statement.

“We are devastated to hear this news, and our hearts go out to the children and families involved,” it read. “Given the considerable length of time that has passed since Charles Emery allegedly worked here, we have not yet been able to confirm his relationship with Seattle Children’s through our records. We are in communication with the King County Prosecutor on the investigation.”

Investigators are also searching for evidence of homicide, but Seattle Police Captain Mike Edwards said the case remained a child-pornography investigation.

A prosecutor wrote each of the brothers “has a sexual interest in minor children and have shared the majority of their lives sexually abusing children to whom they had access and exploiting children depicted in child pornography."

The relative who discovered the trove of child pornography alerted police after seeing what she believed to be explicit images of children of a sexual nature while cleaning the Emerys’ garage. According to court documents, the relative gave police several trash bags filled with sexually explicit images of minors.

This relative - a niece to the brothers - stated that Charles and Edwin had abused her as a child and had abused her mother (the brothers’ sister) so badly as a child, she was removed from the home and placed into foster care. She is the caretaker of the brothers as the closest living relative. Charles Emery was living in a senior residential home for dementia at the time of his arrest.

Police found dozens of pairs of girls shoes, used underwear and books, and magazine and newspaper clippings detailing child rape and murder in the house.

In 2013, Edwin Emery – the brother who admitted to be the only computer user in the household – brought his computer to Office Depot. An employee found more than 20 images he believed to be child pornography while running a diagnostic check. He contacted police, who investigated Edwin but did not charge him with a crime.

During the 2013 investigation, police interviewed the Emery brothers and discovered a litany of past sexual offenses they committed against female relatives. No charges were brought against the brothers as King County prosecutors did not believe the images met the standard for child-exploitation and the statute of limitations had run out for the molestation charges.

The brothers remain in custody and the investigation is ongoing.