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Thursday, July 20, 2017 1:09 PM
Just as summer finally arrives and the cool weather is happily behind us (let’s hope!), it’s time to begin sowing seeds for the fall and winter vegetable garden. 
  • Just as summer finally arrives and the cool weather is happily behind us (let’s hope!), it’s time to begin sowing seeds for the fall and winter vegetable garden. 
  • Tree Talk: Regal companions

    Not far into their learning curve, beginning gardeners may discover companion planting: a hardy Fuchsia planted next to a burgundy Berberis, to arch over and trail through the thorny branches; perhaps a purple-leaved ornamental grape to crawl into the dark green needles of a Mugho pine.

  • Garden Hotline: Summer bulbs
    Imagine strolling through the garden just after sunset on a warm summer night and the moonlight shines on bright white lilies.
  • Tree Talk: Yet another gift from old Japan
    Prized for its quiet elegance, the Katsura tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum) is woven into Japanese culture like the threads of a kimono.
  • Garden Hotline: Edible spring weeds
    Frustrated with your weeds? This year, consider a new plan for revenge: tossing them in a salad and eating them!
  • Understanding the lace bug invasion
    Have the glossy green leaves of your azalea acquired green or white speckles? Living in the Pacific Northwest, this unasked-for leaf variegation may likely be due to the azalea lace bug.
  • Growing Yacón in the Northwest
    Spanish conquistadors first brought potatoes from the Andes to Europe in the 1530s, but ignored other root and tuber crops cultivated by the Incan people.
  • Arborvitae: The unappreciated workhorse
    Given the right place, time and opportunity, there really are no bad children or bad plants.
  • The mysteries of mushrooms
    One of the six kingdoms of life on Earth, fungi help maintain the equilibrium of ecosystems by connecting the flow of nutrients.
  • Growing winter cover crops
    Cover crops can nourish and protect your soil from the harshness of winter! Plant them from seed in the fall after removing spent tomatoes, squash and other warm-weather crops.
  • IN THE GARDEN | Clematis can create colorful climbs
    Looking for a plant loaded with colorful blooms that could climb a wall or clamber through a shrub? Clematis is the answer. 
  • Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) and Cedar Grove have started “The Big Dig,” a campaign to thank Seattle residents for diverting 125,000 tons of food and yard waste from the landfill by composting in 2011.
  • The Seattle Office of Sustainability & Environment (OSE) has announced a call for climate projects to solicit proposals from community-based organizations or individuals interested in engaging their community in taking action for the climate.
  • Now that spring has arrived, Puget Sound Energy (PSE)wants to help customers save money on their electric bill, increase their recycling options and stay safe with a list of simple spring-cleaning tips. 
  • IN THE GARDEN | Designing your spring garden
    Spring is close at hand and with it, the opportunity to renew our gardens and bring our winter dreams to life...
  • Hearing planned on future of Volunteer Park Conservatory
    A walk through the 100-year-old Volunteer Park Conservatory takes you from the steamy heat of a tropical rainforest filled with carnivorous plants and cycads, to the dry warmth of a cacti and succulent plant-laden desert...
  • GARDEN HOTLINE | Mix it up for spring
    Now is a great time to plant all those cool plants that you didn’t get to last fall. There are many plant choices that will brighten your spring, add food for your larder or provide structure to your landscape.
  • Finding shelter in the garden

    As I write this, the garden is a frozen wasteland, with more snow in the forecast and thoughts of garden pleasures far away. 

  • This time of year, the Garden Hotline phones are quieter, so we are reflecting and preparing for a new year of...
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