Designing an office space is important because we spend many hours of time growing our own business or building the company who employs us. Making that space a productive and fun environment that reflects the company’s emotional brand helps to retain employees and build strong customer relations.

Look around the office or think about the interior design plans for the new office space. What do you want the office to convey? What do you want your clients or customers to experience? There are six types of brand “feelings” that can help answer these and many other questions. These brand feelings are warm, fun, excitement, security, social approval and self-respect. Building an emotional brand affects people’s behavior and builds deeper relationships, which is important to grow your business.

To help identify your emotional brand your company and the office space, it’s a good idea to answer the following four questions:
1. Who are you? This is your brand identity.
2. What are you? This is the meaning behind your brand.
3. What do I think or feel about you? This is how people respond to your brand.
4. How much connection or type of association would you like your customers to have with you? This is your brand resonance or how deeply your customers bond with your brand.

When answering these questions, keep in mind the type of industry you’re in and its culture. Is it fast-paced like a restaurant or slow-pace like a relaxing spa? Some things to keep in mind are the requirements needed for the inventory of equipment and storage. Think about the traffic pattern flow. Is your space set up for success? Some key design components that really make your space come to life is the reception area when you greet your clients. Do you want to offer amenities? How should they be displayed? Consider people with disabilities, evacuations in case of an earthquake, the technology that is needed to run your company, lighting, furniture and sensory details (smells, accent décor, and music).

There are just so many things to consider! We know that business owners and company CEOs desire an office space to be aesthetically pleasing and attractive. As a designer, the most important part of the design is functionality. People in company leadership roles understand that it takes a lot of time to run a business and how you spend that time is vital. That’s why when creating a branded space, it can be more desirable to hire an interior designer to help you through the process so that you can focus on running the business. There are many thoughts and questions that need to be answered and interior designers are experienced with the processes and can guide you through them that way nothing is missed. They not only will save you time and stress, they will help minimize the risks in your remodel or new construction and they are experienced with design, ordering, receiving, and installation. They can manage any unexpected mishaps and the punch list for the final walkthrough.

Many corporations have found that redesigning their space boosted productivity and improved company culture. Some offices have an entertainment feature for guests or employees, foosball, flat screen tv, pool table etc. Some companies have showers and sleep areas for their employees. They make it so comfortable that you don’t need to leave. In the state of Washington (RCW 43.70.640) it is required to have a mother’s room for the employee so that they can breastfeed their baby. I had a personal experience of not having an adequate space to pump breast milk. As a woman, it felt uncomfortable and I felt embarrassed at times. The company I worked for did not realize this and then quickly provided a space. We all have our own needs and the office space should be designed to support everyone’s needs within the company brand.

WinnComm helps companies create logos, websites, SEO, and office environments that reflect the company’s emotional brand.