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  • (StatePoint) The warmer weather means it’s time to start thinking about home improvement projects. Whether you’re getting your home in tip-top shape for your own enjoyment, or getting it ready to put on the market, not all home improvement projects are created equal when it comes to return on investment (ROI).
  • After an extraordinarily cold winter in Western Washington, many garden owners will want to know what to do about the damage to many of our not-completely-hardy shrubs. With many of our broadleaf evergreens, it’s common for their leaves to turn brown or black and eventually fall off. The plants themselves are probably still alive. To check, use a hand-pruner blade to peel back a little bit of the “skin” to see if the cambium layer just beneath is alive (green) and not dead (brown). If alive, it’ll probably flush out with a new set of leaves. So, don’t panic if your shrub looks dead. Wait and see.
  • Protecting tenant rights through increasing the length of eviction proceedings is part of eviction-reform legislation, currently in the state House of Representatives.

    The House Committee on Civil Rights and Judiciary heard public testimony on Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5600 on March 19.
  • What is the ingredient “fragrance”?
    “Fragrance” is an ingredient - often times multiple ingredients - rolled under the singular-sounding ingredient listing. The ingredient(s) contained within the term “fragrance” do not need to be specifically listed. Therefore, when you see the word “fragrance” in an ingredient list, it is likely a variety of undisclosed chemicals.
  • When hiring a contractor, start early and choose wisely

    Working with a contractor sounds daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Prepare for your next project with these useful tips.

    The process of hiring a contractor can be very stressful. But if you take your time and do your homework before hiring, you can save a tremendous amount of time, money and anxiety, and still achieve great results.

  • Growing Safe Harbor

    Interbay tiny house village expands, adds facilities for residents

    When Interbay Village opened on the Port of Seattle’s Tsubota property near the Magnolia Bridge in 2017, there were more residents than there were tiny houses, so a number of them moved into dormitory-style tents.

  • On those chilly Seattle mornings, heated floors are worth the hype
    If you’ve ever felt the warmth of a heated floor on a cold, rainy Seattle day, then you know it makes a big difference in your comfort level. There are few people who wouldn’t appreciate the added warmth in their home during cooler months, especially when they learn that heated floors are relatively energy-efficient. If you’re considering a new home, the cost of adding in-floor heating to a single-room remodel is a relatively inexpensive upgrade, given the immense satisfaction that comes along with it.
  • Improving accessibility will help older homeowners age in place
    As we age, the seemingly simple tasks we once took for granted can become much more trying. But there are changes you can make to your home’s kitchen and bathrooms that will make them more manageable to your parents and allow you to stay there longer as you get older.
  • Is repairing an appliance on the fritz worth the effort?
    Your washer is leaking, food in the freezer is thawing, the clothes in the dryer are damp, and the oven refuses to bake. When should you replace an appliance?
    Some of my older home appliances, such as my washer, dryer, and kitchen appliances, aren’t working as efficiently as they used to. How do I determine when it’s time to replace an appliance?
  • Your Home is Your Castle: How to Protect it Through the Years
    (StatePoint) For many people, owning a home is the American dream, and the single biggest financial investment they will ever make. With the stakes so high, in addition to picking out the perfect property, it’s critical to have the right insurance.
  • Seattle Public Utilities is accepting applications through March 22 for the Waste-Free Communities Matching Grant, which funds community-based waste-prevention projects.
    The grant program aims to support communities and innovation around waste prevention and increase access to benefits and opportunities to reduce waste.
  • With devastating fires and smoke beginning to define our summers, and the recent large earthquake in Alaska, do you feel the clock is ticking for a climate emergency in Seattle? How prepared are you if a catastrophic event strikes our region?

  • Hearing Examiner clears Interbay tiny house village expansion
    The Seattle Hearing Examiner on Tuesday cleared the city to expand its Interbay tiny house village.
    Interbay was one of the three original villages set up to temporarily house the homeless in 2016, moving to Port of Seattle property near the Magnolia Bridge in November 2017.
    Interbay Village encompasses 11,300 square feet of the port’s Tsubota property, with 30 tiny houses accommodating about 60 residents with Tiny Cabins Safe Harbor, formerly Tent City 5.
  • (StatePoint) Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted disease in the U.S. and cases of HPV-related oropharyngeal cancer -- a cancer that develops on the back and sides of the throat, tonsils and base of the tongue -- in middle-age men have tripled in the past three decades.

    But did you know that vaccines can help reverse this trend? Take the opportunity to learn more.

  • Seattle School Board explores ranking projects to be completed under BEX V capital levy

    The Seattle School Board began navigating the murky waters of deciding which projects should receive priority under the Building Excellence V (BEX V) capital levy, which Seattle Public Schools plans to put to voters in February.

    At a work session to finalize the BEX V project list and funding on Wednesday, Sept. 26, school district officials presented school board directors with the information gathered over several months from community meetings, focus groups, online input and feedback from staff and senior leadership.

  • Dr. Universe: How does land affect the weather? — Isaac, 7, Baltimore, Md.
  • Joyce Hosea is having a blast in her kitchen, thinking of what scratch-made offerings will show up next at Cheese Platters and More.

  • With over twenty years in the industry at Aegis Living, we live and breathe assisted living every day in our work. We work on new innovations, and we strive to make our communities unexpected. But if your parent can no longer live on their own and you are searching for a place where they will be safe and cared for, this industry is new to you and terms may not be familiar. Let’s cover some basics of how an assisted living community—whether that is at Aegis Living or another community—can support your parent.
  • Most people who pay into Social Security work for an employer. Their employer deducts Social Security taxes from their paycheck, matches that contribution, sends taxes to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), and reports wages to Social Security.
  • Seattle’s new superintendent will make just shy of $300,000 a year — with the potential for an annual $15,000 performance bonus — as part of a contract approved unanimously by the Seattle School Board on April 25.
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