Debate continues over elephant sanctuaries 

Christie Lagally makes excellent points in her piece “WPZ Task Force Considers Sanctuaries” (Mid-June 2013). 

It’s difficult to believe that the task force would consider any other option than sending Chai, Bamboo and Watoto to a true sanctuary after reading this reasoned argument and The Seattle Times’ December exposés on the same subject.

Nancy Pennington

West Seattle

The elephants need to get out of the zoo. The conditions they are kept in do not meet the needs of the elephants. 

The zoo admits that the breeding program is failing and that zoo elephants will cease to exist due to the inability to breed more. 

Bruce Bohmke from the Woodland Park Zoo said that they would “rescue” elephants from Asia or Africa if they ran out of elephants bred here. 

Please stop the elephant program and send them to a sanctuary where they can have a better life than what they have here. And don’t get any more!

Flo Stewart