In regard to two articles [in the mid-September 2014 issue]: 

•“Demonstrating for Animals” — While it is a very good thing to demonstrate against this issue, people should also know that they can effectively contribute in other ways, as not everyone wants to or can demonstrate. I have found signing petitions very helpful in eliminating animal-abuse issues and making them more visible to the general public. It is also good to stop buying products from supporters of abusive situations and, in this case, to totally boycott the zoo and let it be known to those in charge that you are doing so.

There are animal organizations already working on this issue, and it is helpful to go to their websites, sign petitions and/or donate: ALDF (Animal Legal Defense Fund) and PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

•“Gas Works Park: Seattle’s Strangest Park has an Equally Weird History” —

Gas Works Park is a bizarre place, and I think that the monstrosity of the ugly factory should be torn down. A toxic-waste site is no place to hang out in or expose children to; it should be totally closed to the public until all toxins are eliminated.

Somehow, it is typical Seattle provincialism to think that such a “memorial” has any value.

The park is otherwise a gorgeous place to visit and should be preserved as a park.

Carol Meyer, Seattle