The Seattle Public Library is partnering with Gender Diversity to bring a unique and moving exhibit about transgender teens to the Central library in Downtown Seattle this June and July.  The exhibit, “Imagine the Possible,” will run through the summer.

“While contemporary mainstream culture has recently begun opening up to accept and become better informed about transgender people, there is still a need for visibility of transgender and gender nonconforming youth and their families,” read a recent press release. “One way to educate the public and give voice to their lives and stories is through art.”

The exhibit will subsequently move to the Washington State Convention Center for Gender Odyssey Conference 2016, a gathering of over 1000 participants from across the country and around the world, from August 4-7.

“What I love about this exhibit is the teen voice,” said Duncan Gibbs, the art coordinator for the Gender Odyssey conference and one of the instructors who worked with the youth in the exhibit.  “The art is informed by the experience of being a teen as much as it is by being trans. The range of subject matter and styles reflects the individuality of the artists. The current bathroom debates hinge on ignorance and fear and a show like this can help. I feel humbled and proud at the same time to see these teens show up and take their place in their broader community, as teens, as transgender individuals, and as artists”.

The opening event for the exhibit is on Thursday June 16 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Seattle Public Library Central branch and will offer attendees the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Gender Diversity art team, the artists and their supporters.

The exhibit will run continuously through August 3, then will go to the Gender Odyssey Conference 2016 at the Washington State Convention Center, where participants will have the opportunity to see the art.