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Monday, September 19, 2016 4:45 PM
The harsh reality of the heroin crisis doesn’t mean our children should be forced to pick up used needles or condoms outside their schools.
  • The harsh reality of the heroin crisis doesn’t mean our children should be forced to pick up used needles or condoms outside their schools.
  • Seattle music has more than survived the collapse of the national music industry. But can it survive the real estate boom?

  • The City Council voted Tuesday afternoon, Sept. 6, to begin considering legislation that would, in my view, establish a sweeping new right for people struggling with homelessness to camp in tents or vehicles on public property across Seattle.
  • Fellow Washingtonians who attended the recent Alzheimer’s Advocacy Forum in Washington, D.C., tell us it’s encouraging to know we are making progress in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.
  • Politics, overboard | Editorial Cartoon
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  • Does Murray's role raising the city's minimum wage earn him a place as “One of America’s Most Progressive Mayors,” as national politics magazine Governing suggested last August? The answer is an unequivocal no. 

  • Chief among open-seat races is the election to succeed retiring Rep. Jim McDermott as Seattle’s congressman. To be blunt, McDermott should have retired years ago. He’s a great example of our all-too-common problem with local Democrats who have an apparent lifetime sinecure, providing little-to-no public benefit. 
  • If you peruse the primary election results from Aug. 2, you’ll notice that there were a fair number of really close races. 
  • We’ve already lost many of the places where this music was made: the original Funhouse, the Lake Union Pub, the Ditto Tavern, Tugs Belltown, Squid Row, RKCNDY, or the Velvet Elvis Arts Lounge. The Rainbow in the U District and the Metropolis in Pioneer Square are now vacant storefronts.
  • Neigh-borhood
    I am a first-time homeowner at Chambery Park Condos, built in 1975.  The development was, at one time the site of Clearbrook Stables; the rear gate of our home was the stable entrance.
  • With surgeon-like precision, shock and awe you intentionally went behind their backs and silenced 13 District Councils and the City Neighborhood Council.
  • Seattle's real estate market makes paupers out of kings
    To see more of Milt Priggee’s work, visit
  • Scenes of remembrance for Orlando were far outnumbered by all the floats, marchers and big balloons heaping praises on the many parade sponsors, as well as the marching companies who used Pride to  show off their LGBTQ employees and their commitment to “diversity.”
  • What the last few weeks’ events clearly demonstrate is what Black Lives Matter  activists have been saying for two years: America, and Seattle, have a policing problem.
  • What links the sale of a downtown parking garage, the sale of a 33-acre piece of city land in West Seattle, a new police station in the north end and funding for homeless programs?
  • Early in June, the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction adopted its 2017 standards for student health education.
  • The sounds of gunfire in Seattle are becoming way too commonplace for a city playing catch-up to match its ever growing population with a police force  capable of handling increases in crime. 
  • In the last legislative session, House Speaker and long-time 43rd District Representative Frank Chopp came under heavy criticism for single-handedly killing a bill (HB2442/SB 6311) that would have extended substantial property tax breaks to owners of existing low-income and affordable apartments. 
  • Recently I was going through a file of old articles and I found a cover story I wrote for the Post-Intelligencer, illustrated by a drawing of a woman holding a stem that is reaching for the sidewalk. Clearly, I was desperately trying to find my place in Belltown and all that showed in the artist’s sketch. 
  • It’s been only a couple of months since Sound Transit’s Link light rail expanded by two stops (Capitol Hill and Husky Stadium), and immediately became a much more useful way to get around town.
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