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Tuesday, October 28, 2014 10:09 AM
Seattle’s Freedom Socialist party came under fire last week when it posted a job opening for a web-content manager that was part-time, didn’t allow telecommuting and, most importantly, only paid $13 per hour.
  • Seattle’s Freedom Socialist party came under fire last week when it posted a job opening for a web-content manager that was part-time, didn’t allow telecommuting and, most importantly, only paid $13 per hour. 
  • While the current possibility of religious extremists striking close to home hasn’t instilled fear in people’s minds, the Ebola virus has. 
  • Students at Beacon Hill International School had their test scores from last spring invalidated on Oct. 14 after it was discovered that “there was heavy erasure [in the test booklets], in every single classroom and every single grade. 
  • By many measures then, new Seattle mayor Ed Murray’s proposed $4.8 billion dollar 2015-16 budget for the City of Seattle is a disappointingly immoral document. 
  • They appeared sporadically 20 years ago but were barely noticed. Ten years ago, they became more noticeable but still were not large enough in numbers to make a difference. But, today, these retired black baby boomers represent the most valuable human resource America has ever had. 
  • We’ll put this one in the “I told you so” file. The South Lake Union Streetcar — affectionately called the SLUT, after it was briefly called the South Lake Union Trolley — continues to fall short of ridership and revenue expectations. 
  • In August, I was asked to apply to be a member of a project advisory team. Two advocates of an off-road bicycle path in the Cheasty Greenspace suggested I apply to a Seattle Parks and Recreation selection committee, as did a Beacon Hill community leader. 
  • I was taken aback the morning I received a letter from the director who owns one of the studios I teach in. “I would like you to consider taking over my studio,” she wrote. 
  • Whether to vote for the upcoming preschool levy is not an easy decision. On the one hand, refusing to support public education seems sacrilegious; on the other hand, I question whether Seattle actually needs to raise taxes to finance anything.  
  • Gas Works Park is a bizarre place, and I think that the monstrosity of the ugly factory should be torn down. A toxic-waste site is no place to hang out in or expose children to; it should be totally closed to the public until all toxins are eliminated. 
  • MILT PRIGGEE | October 2014
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  • Much has been said and written in recent years about the affordability of living in Seattle — or lack thereof. 
  • With already-crowded buses and increasing density, bolstering Metro’s service is a necessity. Let’s hope for a different Prop. 1 fate this time around. 
  • Taxpayers have long suspected that governments were mismanaging their tax dollars. This past week, these suspicions were confirmed in Seattle. 
  • Recent news reports have Seattleites wondering whether our police will be able to keep our downtown core — and, ultimately, the rest of the city — safe from increasing crime. 
  • The Seattle City Council will vote on Oct. 6 to decide whether to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples’ Day. Other cities have already made the choice to celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and it’s time for Seattle to join them. 
  • Metropolitan King County Councilmember Dave Upthegrove introduced legislation this month to require King County Sheriff officers to wear cameras, prompted by the shooting in Ferguson, Mo. 
  • Nothing makes someone trust you more than when you promise him or her something and then you keep your promise.
  • As parents and teachers prepared for a new school year, the state Supreme Court quietly agreed in August to hear a case that may prove as influential as McCleary v. State of Washington for the state’s public schools. 
  • If the Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) goes through with its recently announced plan euphemistically, called “Stepping Forward,” the agency would instantly turn into the city’s biggest rent gouger. 
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