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Monday, November 17, 2014 2:55 PM
Anyone living on or traveling to and from Queen Anne and Seattle Center knows that the Mercer corridor project has made traffic a mess. And the area has seen a recent bout of extra closures and delays.
  • Anyone living on or traveling to and from Queen Anne and Seattle Center knows that the Mercer corridor project has made traffic a mess. And the area has seen a recent bout of extra closures and delays. 
  • The full Seattle City Council will vote Monday, Nov. 24, on its amended budget that includes more than $14 million in changes to Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed 2015-16 biennial budget. 
  • AMONG THE ANIMALS | UW to broaden animal testing
    Unfortunately, recent issues have highlighted incongruities between UW’s stated goals to use animals responsibly and decisions made by certain medical instructors and the UW Regents. 
  • The next time I’m back home in Seattle and someone at Whole Foods is reading a food label as if studying for their SATs, I want to remember this moment: I am in a tiny grocery on the island of St. Croix. 
  • What dominates Seattle’s future is the message that education, facts and stuff are elitist and dangerous, that government services like preschool are, by definition, a bad thing, and that wealthy liberal cities like Seattle are “the enemy.” 
  • What kind of nation we will have for the next two years was determined by the recent election results. This, of course, will be spun as a rejection of President Barack Obama, but if you know U.S. history, you know that it was far more than that. 
  • We’re now just one year from electing seven councilmembers under the new district election system overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2013.  
  • With the new millennium, women have opportunities in technology that were scarcely available 20 years ago. In software companies, women can command salaries, benefits and respect as equals to men who are their fellow engineers. 
  • MILT PRIGGEE | November 2014
    To view more of Milt Priggee's work, visit 
  • This year’s local elections went well for Seattle’s progressive voters. Sixty-one percent of Seattle voters passed Proposition 1, which will give King County Metro an extra $45 million per year for in-city bus routes.  
  • Last week, it was revealed that the FBI created a fake Associated Press (AP) story via a false link in the style of The Seattle Times to catch a 15-year-old bomb-threat suspect in 2007. 
  • Following the Oct. 24 shooting deaths of three students at Marysville Pilchuck High School by a close, popular classmate, there has been a spate of violence threatened at Puget Sound-area high schools. 
  • Seattle’s Freedom Socialist party came under fire last week when it posted a job opening for a web-content manager that was part-time, didn’t allow telecommuting and, most importantly, only paid $13 per hour. 
  • While the current possibility of religious extremists striking close to home hasn’t instilled fear in people’s minds, the Ebola virus has. 
  • Students at Beacon Hill International School had their test scores from last spring invalidated on Oct. 14 after it was discovered that “there was heavy erasure [in the test booklets], in every single classroom and every single grade. 
  • By many measures then, new Seattle mayor Ed Murray’s proposed $4.8 billion dollar 2015-16 budget for the City of Seattle is a disappointingly immoral document. 
  • They appeared sporadically 20 years ago but were barely noticed. Ten years ago, they became more noticeable but still were not large enough in numbers to make a difference. But, today, these retired black baby boomers represent the most valuable human resource America has ever had. 
  • We’ll put this one in the “I told you so” file. The South Lake Union Streetcar — affectionately called the SLUT, after it was briefly called the South Lake Union Trolley — continues to fall short of ridership and revenue expectations. 
  • In August, I was asked to apply to be a member of a project advisory team. Two advocates of an off-road bicycle path in the Cheasty Greenspace suggested I apply to a Seattle Parks and Recreation selection committee, as did a Beacon Hill community leader. 
  • I was taken aback the morning I received a letter from the director who owns one of the studios I teach in. “I would like you to consider taking over my studio,” she wrote. 
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