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Tuesday, December 16, 2014 12:14 PM
It’s time Seattle officials got serious about finding transportation solutions that don’t just involve dedicated bike lanes taking up valuable real estate on roadways.
  • It’s time Seattle officials got serious about finding transportation solutions that don’t just involve dedicated bike lanes taking up valuable real estate on roadways. 
  • Perhaps it was low expectations and the sugary beverage I drank in the theater, but I found Will Gluck’s glossy, modernized film remake of the famous Broadway musical “Annie” to be perfectly decent. 
  • AMONG THE ANIMALS | Seattle Arts & Lectures presents ‘Thinking Animals’
    This January, Seattle Arts & Lectures is hosting a series of talks on animal issues. “Thinking Animals: Species, Power and the Politics of Care in the World” is a series of five lectures that explore the interdependencies of humans and animals.  
  • For several weeks now, demonstrations have continued to roll through cities large and small in the wake of the decision by a suburban St. Louis grand jury to not criminally charge a Ferguson, Mo., police officer in his fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown. 
  • No, here in Seattle, it’s socialism for the rich: We foot the bill with colossally regressive taxes and loss of livability and affordability of our communities, while most of the benefits go to an exclusive few.  
  • The children are mad. They thought the civil rights struggle was over, and their parents (the “Millennial” generation) had raised them to see beyond race and be an individual. 
  • Thank you for the excellent [column] on the University of Washington expanding animal testing. People need to be aware of how the UW is wasting our tax dollars and donations on cruel training programs and unnecessary and unreliable animal experiments. 
  •  I am not so optimistic about these results. For one thing, it is questionable whether any election can be considered valid, either on the national or local level, when only a third of the eligible voters turn out. 
  • MILT PRIGGEE | December 2014
    To view more of Milt Priggee's work, visit 
  • The recent anti-police-brutality protests around the country and here in Seattle have demonstrated that something needs to be done to give people a clearer sense of what happens during incidents when police officers kill possible suspects in the line of duty. 
  • The activists are right to ask for help from city leaders. Now is the time for us all to thank the elephants for their years at WPZ by funding a retirement — in a sanctuary — that they can really enjoy. 
  • Over the weekend, it was revealed that the Seattle School Board may offer interim Seattle Public Schools (SPS) Superintendent Larry Nyland the permanent position 
  • With Washington as the No. 1 state for property crime in the nation, some Seattle neighborhoods have taken matters into their own hands (and pockets) to do something about it. 
  • Anyone living on or traveling to and from Queen Anne and Seattle Center knows that the Mercer corridor project has made traffic a mess. And the area has seen a recent bout of extra closures and delays. 
  • The full Seattle City Council will vote Monday, Nov. 24, on its amended budget that includes more than $14 million in changes to Mayor Ed Murray’s proposed 2015-16 biennial budget. 
  • AMONG THE ANIMALS | UW to broaden animal testing
    Unfortunately, recent issues have highlighted incongruities between UW’s stated goals to use animals responsibly and decisions made by certain medical instructors and the UW Regents. 
  • The next time I’m back home in Seattle and someone at Whole Foods is reading a food label as if studying for their SATs, I want to remember this moment: I am in a tiny grocery on the island of St. Croix. 
  • What dominates Seattle’s future is the message that education, facts and stuff are elitist and dangerous, that government services like preschool are, by definition, a bad thing, and that wealthy liberal cities like Seattle are “the enemy.” 
  • What kind of nation we will have for the next two years was determined by the recent election results. This, of course, will be spun as a rejection of President Barack Obama, but if you know U.S. history, you know that it was far more than that. 
  • We’re now just one year from electing seven councilmembers under the new district election system overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2013.  
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