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  • Ready, set, rugby
    2018 marks the inaugural season of Major League Rugby, with the Seattle Seawolves one of the seven founding franchises across the country that will play an eight-game regular season, with two semifinal matches and a championship game.
  • Dirty Couch Brewing more than just an odd name
    When Frank Swiderski, Rob Nelson and Jon Cargille started discussing opening their own brewery, two major things came to mind. 

    One was producing barrel-aged, mixed fermentation sours. The other was a memorable name.
  • New Monophonics EP will leave fans wanting more
    Watching San Francisco-based psychedelic soul band Monophonics play up The Crododile stage with one more song during their stop in Seattle last month, a man who’d showed up late turned to me and said, “These guys are the opening act? They’re amazing.”
  • Durkan looks to future during first State of the City address
    Mayor Jenny Durkan promised to continue being impatient about meeting the growing needs of Seattle residents during her first State of the City address on Tuesday, and also laid out new programs and initiatives she’ll be pushing in 2018. 
  • Seattle moves to vacate misdemeanor marijuana convictions
    The Seattle City Attorney’s Office will be asking the municipal court to vacate convictions and charges for misdemeanor marijuana possession in a move Mayor Jenny Durkan says will right the wrongs of a once broken system that disproportionately targeted people of color.
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  • There’s still a lot left to be sorted before the City of Seattle opens its first safe consumption site for people suffering from drug addiction, and advocates highlighted the life-and-death urgency of the matter during a health committee meeting in March.
  • “Pushing Dead” is black comedy with a touching center
    One might not know what to think when they’re asked to watch an AIDS comedy — I sure didn’t. When the person is the writer and director of the film, and has lived with AIDs most of their life, as was the case with Tom Brown and his “Pushing Dead,” you can bet it’s going to be authentic — and funny, of course.
  • It’s a little more complicated than just “don’t eat cholesterol”

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