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Molly Sides, of Seattle band Thunderpussy, stars in "Danger Diva."
Molly Sides, of Seattle band Thunderpussy, stars in "Danger Diva."
Thursday, March 23, 2017 2:14 PM
“Danger Diva” premieres Thursday, April 13, in a special multimedia show at the Egyptian Theatre, sponsored by SIFF. The film will be followed by a live show from the band Thunderpussy.
  • Robert McGinley combines cyberpunk, myth and rock in 'Danger Diva'
    “Danger Diva” premieres Thursday, April 13, in a special multimedia show at the Egyptian Theatre, sponsored by SIFF. The film will be followed by a live show from the band Thunderpussy.
  • Local artist Season Yoshida to be featured at Japanese Garden
    Bellevue artist Season Yoshida will see her exhibit “Ichi-go Ichi-e” featured at the Seattle Japanese Garden.
  • 2017 tax tips for homeowners
    Homeownership used to be thought of as “the American Dream.” But 2016 saw the lowest rate of homeownership since 1965.
  • Understanding the lace bug invasion
    Have the glossy green leaves of your azalea acquired green or white speckles? Living in the Pacific Northwest, this unasked-for leaf variegation may likely be due to the azalea lace bug.
  • Just a bite of food news
    Sunday nights at Luc, 2800 E. Madison, the menu offers a special dish, coq au vin, chicken braised in red wine. And the complimentary carafe of wine that accompanies it, one assumes, is the Côte du Rhône.
  • Back pain defined
    Back pain is troubling and often mysterious, showing up without any traumatic incident. Fortunately, most back pain is not serious and can heal without injections or surgery.
  • Madison BRT — now RapidRide G — opens up next phase of public comment
    The second open house for the Madison BRT project will be held 5:30-7:30 p.m. tonight at First African Methodist Episcopal Church, 1522 14th Avenue on Capitol Hill.
  • Seattle's Rental Regulations: A guide for landlords
    The Seattle City Council likely would have enacted rent control long ago, if it weren’t for the state prohibition. But that doesn’t mean they’ve resigned themselves to sitting on the sidelines while lower-income renters get pummeled.
  • Flat feet to the rescue
    We pre-20-year-olds were just getting into enjoying the summer scene in Madison Park in 1957 — the singles haven of Seattle.  However, the knowledge that the draft was imminent severely dampened our joy.
  • The Northwest's deciduous giant
    The native Bigleaf Maple is everywhere in our parks and forests, along old roads where it holds its own with Alders, Douglas Firs, Cedar and Hemlocks. It is a staple to the eco system of the Pacific Northwest forests.
  • CARTOON: Launching a career
    Milt Priggee is an award-winning syndicated cartoonist. His work can be found at miltpriggee.com.
  • So with the national (and global) mood taking such a swift, sudden turn, what will be "on the rise" or "approaching demise?"
  • Seattle Parks approves name of Troll's Knoll Park in Fremont
    A small Fremont park completed in 2015 has been named for the popular Fremont Troll statue nearby, parks officials announced Tuesday, March 7.
  • An Unholy Alliance?: Speak Out Seattle yells
    In order to broaden their appeal, leaders of the Neighborhood Safety Alliance recently formed Speak Out Seattle (SOS), a new coalition of Seattle “residents, business owners and community groups,” to fight legalizing homeless camping, oppose legalized drug-consumption and treatment sites, and demand as many as 300 new police officers by the end of the year.
  • Vitality is a participation sport
    Possessing vitality and feeling well are participation sports.
  • Airport Lawyer connects travelers with legal help
    A new web application started in Seattle that connects attorneys with immigrants and refugees coming into the United States remains a highly used resource.
  • Gainsbourg endures on Greenwood
    Gainsbourg, at 8550 Greenwood Ave. N., is a storefront in a block of storefronts (nail salon, Indian takeout, computer repair, Hispanic bodega, craft brewery, etc.). But its windows have lace curtains, the sidewalk sports a few tables for fair-weather seating, and the welcome inside the dimly lit bar is warm and genuine.
  • The safety of enemies
    Mayor Murray's dramatic declaration that he will sue the federal government for any information they don't hand over about President Trump's immigration orders sounds good -- but it's the legal equivalent of promising to check out a library book.
  • Seattle Asian Art Museum closes for renovation and expansion
    The contentious expansion of the museum’s footprint remains under review by Seattle Parks and Recreation.
  • Northwest Garden Show: A cure for the winter blues
     If you can’t wait for spring to arrive, don’t despair—you can preview the beautiful sights, smells and tastes of spring at the Northwest Flower and Garden Show this year from February 22-26 at the Washington State Convention Center.
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